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November 27, 2007

DRM free downloads for classical music lovers

Downloads free of annoying Digital Rights Management (DRM) shackles seem to be popping up all over and now classical music buffs can join the party:

Classical music lovers like myself are finally getting some respect in the digital world. One of the oldest companies in the music business, Deutsche Grammaphon, now a division of Universal Music Group, announced it was making a catalog of 2,400 classical albums, including 600 that are out of print, available for high-quality, DRM-free download from the DG Web Shop starting Nov. 28.

The link isn’t live yet, but the format will be a near-CD 320 kilobits per second MP3 and the price is very reasonable:


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Super Warehouse Cyber Monday runs through the end of the week

I was a little late getting over to Super Warehouse for Cyber Monday, but that’s OK since their sale goes through 11/30 or longer in some cases. Some sample items:

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November 26, 2007

Cyber Monday sighting – ShopNBC

You may be familiar with the ShopNBC shopping channel but they also have a online store and are running a Cyber Monday sale though it seems to primarily be on jewelry, watches, and clothes. Still, there are some tech items and you get free shipping from ShopNBC on any purchase using your PayPal account.



There’s much more on the site, but the emphasis seems to be on packages and bundles with mail-in rebates, so evaluate your need for the extras carefully.

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