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November 28, 2005

Apple offers 50% off on Office for Mac

But, not surprisingly, you have to buy a new system to get it (via

Apple has quietly launched an offer to give Mac buyers money off Microsoft software.

The ‘Office Bonus’ offer, which runs until the end of January next year, gives shoppers 50 per cent off Microsoft Office for Mac when they buy a new Apple desktop or laptop.

Apple is seemingly hoping to cash in on the ‘iPod halo’ effect — where new buyers of Apple’s signature music player then go on to buy more Apple kit. Analysts believe that more than one million Windows users may have made the switch to Mac this year, mostly driven by this halo effect.

And a cheaper Windows Office for the Mac might help them make the jump. This article is from the UK, but I checked and the offer is also available at the online USA Apple store on all “new or Apple certified refurbished Apple computers.” Presumably it is available worldwide.

(Originally published at the Microsoft News Tracker.)

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