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October 5, 2005

ATI launches X1000 family of GPUs

ATI today finally launched their X1000 family:

ATI Technologies Inc. today launched a new family of graphics processors (GPUs), the Radeon® X1000 family, that outperform competing products and deliver better image quality in every price category. The top-to-bottom family, built using the cutting-edge 90 nanometer semiconductor fabrication technology, delivers better performance and image quality than ever.

The new family has a GPU that is right for everyone. Competitive gamers and enthusiasts looking for the absolute best will want the Radeon® X1800 — the fastest graphics processor on the planet. For those getting started in gaming or who are more interested in editing photos and videos, the Radeon® X1600 delivers the best image quality available, for high-fidelity editing and playback. For those who want all of the features and capabilities of the Radeon X1800 and Radeon X1600 but who are on a budget, the Radeon® X1300 will meet their needs for as low as US $79.

There’s also a separate X1800 press release and all sorts of reviews. I liked the one at ExtremeTech.

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