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August 9, 2007

Bad news for video downloading: consumers aren’t happy

John Fortt reports on a survey of video download consumers by Parks Associates and the natives are restless:

Based on the results of a recent survey, the firm says consumers who have downloaded video don’t like the selection – just 16 percent say it’s “good.” Only 13 percent feel the download was worth the money. The Parks numbers show that people who download pirated movies using peer-to-peer services are more satisfied than those who use paid services such as iTunes, but consumers aren’t too satisfied with either method.

“People don’t see a reason to use video downloading services,” said John Barrett, director of research at Parks Associates. “Sure, it saves a trip to the video store, but it takes longer, looks worse, and you end up watching it on a 17-inch screen. No wonder consumers are dissatisfied with the experience.”

I can’t help hitting this nail again – the PC has not really arrived in the home media center and the whole process of video downloading is still a pain in the tail. That’s why I think direct downloads to a TiVo are a great idea, but that is only available to a small part of the market.

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