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October 27, 2006

MySpace users, be careful out there!

Netcraft reports that MySpace accounts are at risk from a phishing attack that uses MySpace’s own servers:

Netcraft has discovered that the social networking site, MySpace, appears to have been compromised by phishers who have presented a spoof login form on the main site. This modified login form is designed to submit the victim’s username and password to a remote server hosted in France.

(screen shot)

Netcraft has notified MySpace of the issue, although it currently remains live. Because the fraudulent login page is hosted on MySpace’s own servers and does not exhibit any signs of external content, such as cross-site scripting (XSS) or open redirects, it is convincing and even security-conscious users are at risk of becoming victims. The attack is launched from a profile page, where the username is login_home_index_html, and uses specially-crafted HTML in order to hide the genuine MySpace content from the page and instead display its own login form.

More details and the screenshots by following the link, but Netcraft provides a well-regarded, free browser tool bar for IE and Firefox that prevents phishing vulnerabilities including this one via a community reporting process.

As for MySpace, this is yet another peril of allowing users to have in depth control over their own Web space.

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