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October 13, 2005

Best take I’ve seen on the video iPod

Frankly I’ve been scratching my head over the video iPod that Apple announced yesterday, but an article from Peter Lewis at Fortune explains quite a bit:

Not too long ago, Apple CEO Steve Jobs pooh-poohed the idea of a video iPod. Music and video are two different experiences, he noted. You can walk down the street or drive a car while listening to music, he said, but watching a video under the same circumstances could be dangerous, if not lethal. Besides, he said, who wants to watch a video on a dinky little screen?

My thoughts exactly.

And on Wednesday Jobs announced here that the first video iPods will ship from factories in Asia this week, and be in stores in time for the holidays. “We are so excited by this,” said Jobs, who has apparently had a change of heart about watching videos on a small screen. And that’s good news, because although Apple has many rivals in the iPod business, none of them I’ve seen have anything to match the new iPod video’s simplicity, capacity or price.

“This is the best iPod for music ever, and customers basically get the video for free,” Jobs told FORTUNE. “And because the iPod is the most popular portable audio player on the planet, the new iPods automatically become the world’s most popular portable video players, too.” The Apple message boils down to: Hey, video is a bonus. Try it, you might like it. If you don’t, you’ve still got the world’s best portable music device with a big color screen for showing off album art and digital photos.

OK, but all the video hype still seems a little wacky.

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