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November 4, 2005

Bill Gates says he’s going to be sending me a check!

Not right away though, as Bryan Glick reports at in Search engines will have to offer financial incentives, says Bill Gates:

‘Google is getting about $50 per year for your searching. Yet, because it does not think it has any competition, it is not giving any of that back to you,’ he said.

‘As search becomes competitive and people realise that other offerings are as good, or are even significantly better, there will be price competition.

‘You will get some free content or a cheque, or some incentive to use a different search engine. Competition for users has not even kicked in. I can assure you it will not stay that way.’

And he added: ‘We are going to run some experiments on that in the next year.’

More by following the link, as well as the rest of the interview.

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3 Responses to “Bill Gates says he’s going to be sending me a check!”

  1. Microsoft News Tracker » Blog Archive » Gates: MSN to test financial incentives for Internet search users Says:

    [...] (Via Cool Tech Reviews) Bryan Glick of Computing interviews Bill Gates who says that Internet search engines will have to offer financial incentives: And in an exclusive interview with Computing, Gates hints that MSN is about to test ways of offering financial incentives for users, to help the portal site compete with Google. [...]

  2. Cool Tech Reviews » Search engine rewards users with free ads Says:

    [...] It’s not quite as good as Bill Gates’ paying search engine users, but it’s a start. John Ribeiro at InfoWorld: Start-up Cosmodex launched a new search engine on Thursday that aims to attract users by rewarding them with loyalty points. [...]

  3. Cali Smith Says:

    How do you think 8th graders are going to know what any of this means.
    The youth is trying to become smarter but you keep dumbing them down.
    Do something smart and Make it simpler to understand!

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