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August 3, 2006

Intel patches security hole in Centrino Wi-Fi drivers

Dawn Kawamoto at ZDNet:

Intel has issued patches for flaws in its Centrino device drivers and ProSet management software that affect the security of the wireless products.

Three flaws are addressed with the updates. One could allow an attacker to break into a PC via Wi-Fi or even create a worm that jumps from one wireless-enabled laptop to another, provided the computers are within each other’s range. Another security hole makes the system vulnerable to attacks that let a malicious user gain additional privileges, according to security experts at Sans Internet Storm Center and F-Secure.

Intel’s patches address vulnerabilities in its Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG, 2915ABG, 2100 and 3945ABG Network Connection products, according to a security advisory from the chipmaker.

Aside from the aggregated patch which is supposed to be 129MB in size (!), Intel also has provided a tool to identify Centrino systems that are vulnerable.

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