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November 2, 2013

Great iPad Case: Snugg iPad Case Cover and Flip Stand

I originally got my iPad 4 with an Apple Smart Cover (now only available in gray) and while it is adequate, it doesn’t really provide the protection that I want. To take a step up,  I decided to try the Snugg iPad Case Cover and Flip Stand and I am glad I did because it offers more functionality and much better protection, convenience, and style.




The Snugg iPad case comes in a rainbow of colors (I chose Red) and is made of PU Leather which is leather with a thin layer of embossed polyurethane on top which is easier to clean. I was impressed by the rich leather feel and the vibrant color with contrasting white stitching for a sporty look.  As far as basic functionality it has all the features of the Apple Smart Cover with the magnetic flap/lid and "Wake on open. Sleep on close." However, there is much more as this video from Snugg illustrates:



Some highlights of the Snugg case:

Access to Controls and Ports: All ports, controls, and cameras were fully accessible although the volume control is closely bordered by the protective bezel and back covers.

Interior: You may not see it but your iPad does and the Snugg case has a soft nubuck interior with the iPad held firmly in it with a velcro closure.

Stand: The stand is created by tucking the lid into the tab on the back of the Snugg case as shown in the video. It can be arranged at two angles as shown in the pictures and video. The shallower angle was fine and more sturdy than the Apple Smart Cover. I won’t use the steeper upright position on the Apple Smart Cover since it seems unstable. It was better with the Snugg cover but I still found it difficult to set up and it seemed less sturdy than the other position due to the flap hinge.

Stylus Loop: I use a stylus almost exclusively with my iPad and I really appreciate the stylus loop (stylus not included – Snugg sells them separately if you need one) for holding a stylus to the case so I can keep track of it. The loop can be tucked away if you don’t want to use it.

Hand Strap: One of the difficulties with an iPad is the considerable strain on your arm and wrist that comes from holding it one handed. The Snugg iPad case has a convenient elastic hand strap (shown in the video) on what is actually the inside of the flap for you to slip your hand through in order to hold the iPad easily in a portrait orientation. You will need to wrap your fingers around the edges of the flap and iPad to hold them together, again as shown in the video. This worked fine, but I really wish there was also a similarly convenient way to hold the iPad in a landscape orientation.

General Fit and Finish: I can’t say enough about how nicely constructed the Snugg case is. It has a robust, elegant, and stylish look and feel.

To sum it all up, I highly recommend the Snugg iPad Case Cover and Flip Stand for your iPad. It is currently available for $35.99 (black is $29.99) at where they offer a full line of cases for other tablets, Kindles, iPhones and other iPad versions including the latest iPad Air and mini 2.  Their full line also seems to be available at Amazon if you prefer.

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September 17, 2010

Today’s iPad app for kids: Pocket Zoo with Live Animal Cams

Pocket Zoo iPad app

A perennial favorite iPad app for the younger generation around here is Pocket Zoo. There is a cartoon zoo that you can visit and see photos of the animals and hear the sounds they make. Not surprisingly, it’s a lot of fun to startle your friends and siblings with an elephant’s trumpeting.

However, the real winner is the live animal cams at zoos around the world. You mostly have to visit during daylight, of course, but the kids find it endlessly amusing to try to spot the animals, some of which are much tougher to see than others. The penguins pictured below always seem to put on a great show, but your young ones may need more patience to spot some of the larger animals. On the other hand, when they do catch a glimpse of the tiger, for instance, the reward is even greater.

pocket zoo penguins

Highly recommended.

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July 29, 2010

iPad Game of the Day: Dark Nova and Dark Nova HD

Dark Nova

I have always enjoyed turn based strategy games in general and space trading games in particular, so I was glad to find Dark Nova on the iPad. Those familiar with the space trading genre will feel right at home: you start as a struggling space captain with a small ship trying to make a buck carrying cargo from one planet to another despite the depredations of pirates, the scrutiny of the police, shifty fellow traders, and the occasional alien pest. It’s mostly all about profitable buying, selling, and passenger traffic with the occasional flyer into smuggling or piracy if you are feeling adventurous. You are free to proceed at your own pace since it is turn based and not multiplayer, and there is enough of a challenge (and multiple levels) to keep you amused for a considerable period. While I did not try it, I see there is also a Dark Nova HD specifically for the iPad which presumably has larger graphics for the larger screen, although I was quite happy with the regular version in 2x on my iPad.

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