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July 3, 2006

Ubuntu passes Mac as next cool thing?

Paul Thurrott notes the defection of some prominent Mac users to the Ubuntu Linux distribution:

It’s curious to me that people are leaving OS X for Ubuntu, not because Ubuntu isn’t great, but because I figured anyone with that kind of gene in their body would be fine in Apple’s world. I guess not. Anyway… (former) Mac advocates Cory Doctorow and Mark Pilgrim are both switching to Ubuntu.

Tim O’Reilly has more on the trend (fad?) and you can read Doctorow’s and Pilgrim’s explanations for yourself, but this is all by way of a lead-in to Pilgrim’s essential software list:

Now that I’ve completed my move to Linux (sorry Mac fanboys, the install was flawless and everything worked out of the box), someone emailed me to suggest that I update my essential software list. So here you go.

1. Ubuntu, which is an ancient African word meaning “can’t install Debian”.

There are many more entries on the list, many with a touch of techie humor. The slant of the list is about making the transition from Mac user to Ubuntu user, but it’s got me thinking about the old Windows 98 machine sitting next to me that is about to go out of support.

Update 7/9: Also highly recommended is EasyUbuntu.

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