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June 21, 2010

End of Life iPod sale at Amazon

Amazon is clearing out their stock of older iPod models:

We’re selling through our remaining inventory of the 2008 iPods, including the fourth-generation iPod nano and the third-generation iPod shuffle. And right now, we have hot deals on these sleek players–find savings of up to 22% off. Don’t miss these fantastic prices. And with the money that you’ll save on your new favorite player, treat yourself to a new accessory, like a case or speaker system.

If you don’t need the latest model iPod and want to save some cash – check it out.

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May 31, 2010

Confused by your iPad? Download the iPad User Guide and become an expert.

In my role as family technical consultant, the advent of the iPad has presented more than the usual challenges. I rarely deal with Apple products and find the iPad user interface more than a little obtuse.  What I really wanted was an iPad user manual and was a little surprised that Apple didn’t enclose one in the box or in electronic format on the iPad itself.

While Googling around looking up some iPad questions, I discovered that there is in fact an official Apple iPad User Guide which I have found to be extremely useful, but that you have to download it from Apple Support to your regular PC and view it there. This 154 page Adobe Acrobat PDF file cannot be viewed on the iPad itself and cannot be converted to an iPad iBooks-readable Epub file at the otherwise very useful Epub2Go website (see their front page warning about the iPad User Guide) because of some structural issues.

I recommend that you download the User Guide immediately and short of reading the whole thing, use the Adobe Acrobat search function to find the answers to your burning iPad questions that confuse the family technical consultant. Then you can become the expert!

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May 30, 2010

Best iPad Weather App

iPad Weatherbug Elite App

There are a variety of weather apps available for the iPad, but by far and away the best that I have seen is Weatherbug Elite for iPad. It has all the expected weather features, but what really blew us away is the mapping. First, we are using a Wi-Fi iPad and yet Weatherbug Elite is able to pinpoint our street location almost exactly apparently because they use technology from Skyhook Wireless that uses a vast database of Wi-Fi access points to triangulate your position.

Second, the radar and other mapping is what I would term infinitely scalable. You can use the usual iPad multi-touch to zoom the display in to your street and out to your state or larger. The other night we were in the middle of a line of thunderstorms complete with hail and funnel clouds. With Weatherbug Elite on the iPad zoomed in on our location it was like watching the storms pass overhead. Very, very neat.

However, the best news is that Weatherbug Elite for the iPad is free. Give it a try and see if you do not think it is slick as well.

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