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August 18, 2006

Free mobile phone games

Bill Ray at The Register:

Newly launched website is to provide mobile games free of charge.

The service, which went live on Wednesday, makes money from pop-up adverts that appear for a couple of seconds when the game starts and ends.

Select a game on the site and you’ll receive an SMS with a link to the download (if you’re in the US). Otherwise, you can download the game to your PC and install it yourself. No registration is needed, and if you choose to download the games directly, you don’t even have to give out your mobile number.

As the site’s FAQ puts it: “We think mobile games should be like the web and like TV: free and supported by advertising.”

When you load a game it connects to the Internet to download new ads, so it isn’t completely free, but nearly so. I’m not really a fan of playing games on a cell phone, but it seems to be increasingly popular and I’m always in favor of free.

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