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November 19, 2005

Rumor: Skype video within 30 days?


Strong rumors are afoot that Skype version 1.5 with video will be launching before Christmas.

And the Internet will crash Christmas morning. Seriously, it would undoubtedly be a dynamite offering.

It would also be just in time as the competitors are gathering – Sony Offers Instant Video Everywhere:

Working toward the ultimate goal of making “everything possible video-capable,” Sony Electronics has partnered with GlowPoint Inc. to launch Instant Video Everywhere, a consumer-oriented Internet telephony option that offers free video VOIP calling capability worldwide, the companies announced Wednesday.

IVE is a standards-based application that combines desktop video services with voice-over-IP capability. The IVE service is compatible with a number of communication devices (such as cell phones and laptops) and enables live, face-to-face interactions between users, regardless of whether they have Web cam access, according to a recent news release.

Not sure how the video part works if you don’t have a webcam, but apparently they’re going to ship the service with new “Vaio BX laptops, which are equipped with built-in video cameras,” although the service is open to everyone. More details in the press release and at GlowPoint where you can sign up and also see the paid levels which extend the free service.

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