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November 26, 2007

Circuit City’s Cyber Monday 3 Day Sale

Circuit City has a variety of bargains available in its 3 day Cyber Monday sale, but don’t expect super discount doorbuster specials. Examples:


Plasma TV – Hitachi 42″ Plasma HDTV Model #: HIT P42H401 reduced $300 to $1099.99.

External Hard Drives – Western Digital My Book Essential Edition 750GB External Hard Drive reduced $60 to $219.99.

There’s much more and note that they are offering %10 off on some items if you choose to pick them up at a local Circuit City store instead of having them shipped to you.

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August 11, 2006

Another PC component price war: disk drive prices dropping too

It’s not just processor prices that are heading down. Philipp Gollner at Reuters reports that Seagate CEO sees disk-drive price war continuing:

Seagate Technology, the world’s biggest computer disk-drive maker, expects aggressive moves by rivals to depress industry prices for another year, longer than most analysts predict, its CEO said on Wednesday.

Chief Executive Bill Watkins said Seagate was prepared to meet hard-disk drive price cuts by competitors including Hitachi Ltd. and Samsung Corp., who are hungry for market share.

“If pricing doesn’t drop for us, it’ll be an upside,” Watkins said in an interview

But good news for consumers.

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August 3, 2006

Internet televisions coming next year

There’s already Internet television programming, so what not an Internet Television on which to watch it? Apparently they’ll be arriving next year from several Japanese electronics manufacturers:

Sony, Matsushita and three other Japanese electronics makers plan to start selling Internet televisions next year, the Nihon Keizai newspaper reported Thursday.

The new TVs aim to make accessing video and similar online content easier than with current methods such as computers, the newspaper said without saying how it got its information. The other companies are Sharp Corp., Toshiba Corp. and Hitachi Ltd.

They are jointly going to be publishing a common “Internet TV” standard which ought to be interesting since there are so many competing services and digital rights management schemes today.

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