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November 25, 2005

Maxell to launch holographic storage next year

Colin Barker at ZDNet UK:

The technology dream of storing terabytes of data on a single disk has taken a step closer to reality

Information storage media company Maxell has said it will launch its first holographic storage products in September 2006. The first drive will have a capacity of 300GB and a throughput of 160Mbps.

Holographic storage works by storing information using light-sensitive crystals. Because it uses the whole volume of the disk, not just the surface, it’s possible to store much more information than is possible on a DVD.

The technology also has an impressive lineage. Hitachi-owned Maxell is working with InPhase Technologies, a subsidiary of Lucent, which has led development of holographic media.

And that’s just the first step. The full press release claims capacities up to 1.6 TB (that’s terabytes) with “50+ year media archive life and random data access”. The planned form factor is apparently a 5.25 inch removable disk and while no prices are quoted, I would expect them to be rather high at first as is always the case with first generation products. I’m thinking continuous data protection and backup, but of course it’s a race with hard disk capacities and the end user’s ability to fill it.

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