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April 9, 2006

Internet video sharing services reviewed

Nearly rivaling the number of new VoIP services are the Internet video sharing services that seem to pop up daily. When it comes to video, I’m strictly a consumer, not a creator, but one can’t help but notice all the YouTube embedded videos appearing on blogs and elsewhere. To attempt to bring order out of the chaos, Digital Video Guru reviews 10 Internet video sharing services (out of the at least 40 available):

Hit the link for all the details on a variety of considerations, but for my interests this sums it up:

For posting: If you just want to get a video clip online and share it with friends via email or on your own blog, Vimeo wins for its speed, ease-of-use, and simple playback functions.

For viewership: If you want to step up to more community features and get widespread viewership of your viral clip, YouTube gets the job done…

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