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May 29, 2007

PayPlay.FM joins the DRM-free MP3 market

Peter Cohen at PC World reports that PayPlay.FM has joined the DRM-free MP3 market:

PayPlay.FM on Tuesday announced that it’s now selling its catalog of 1.3 million tracks of DRM-free music in MP3 format, for $0.88 each. The company said it’s offering twice the number of DRM-free tracks it pledged to offer in October, 2006 during a “Day Against DRM” event.

PayPlay.FM focuses on offering independently produced music in a variety of different genres ranging from classical to country, folk, jazz, latin, pop, rock, spoken word and more. PayPlay.FM’s library includes more than 80,000 artists.

Previously, PayPlay.FM had only offered DRM protected WMA format music files and they still do offer those at $0.77 each.

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