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November 21, 2005

Fully loaded iPods for the tech challenged

Is there someone you know who would like an iPod, but is incapable or unwilling to copy music into it? Well, Riptopia has a solution:

Beginning October 1 to January 15, Riptopia will be offering 4GB iPod Nanos that come pre-loaded with 50 of a recipient’s favorite CDs for just $299 – organized and alphabetized by artist, album and song.

The process is simple. Once an order is placed, Riptopia will ship your recipient a box that includes a 50 CD spindle and pre-postage paid insured shipping materials. Inside the box, your recipient will receive a gift card that explains that they are the new owner of a fully-loaded iPod Nano. All they need to do is slip their CDs onto the spindle, pack up the box and drop it off at the local UPS store.

Since an 4GB iPod Nano goes for about $249, you are paying a dollar a CD for the copying. It might be worth it although I suspect that a substantial portion of the attraction of a portable MP3 player is fooling with the tunes on it.

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