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November 23, 2009

More early online Black Friday deals: Tiger Direct, OnSale, Newegg

Here are some more online merchants that have started their Black Friday sales early and for some, a sample deal. These are good at least through 11/27 (or while supplies last).

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December 1, 2008

TigerDirect Cyber Monday 2008 bargains

It looks like most online merchants started their sales on Black Friday, but they haven’t forgotten Cyber Monday. Here are some bargains from TigerDirect who is also offering $1.99 shipping and  a free 2009 (5-user) CA Internet Security Suite w/purchase of any desktop or laptop.

SAVE $220 – Acer Aspire Laptop Bundle w/D-Link WBR-1310 Wireless G Router -  Intel Celeron 2.13GHz Wireless 1GB DDR2 120GB HDD DVDRW 15.4" WXGA Webcam Vista Home Premium $399.99* (US) Price after $39 MIR, rebate expires 12/02/08

SAVE $80 – Garmin Nuvi 205 GPS 3.5" Touch Screen Display MicroSD Card Slot Voice Prompts $119.99 (US)

SAVE $60 – I-Inc 28" Widescreen LCD Monitor 3ms WUXGA 1920×1200 HDMI Built-In Speakers $299.99 (US)

SAVE $150 – Samsung 19" Widescreen LCD Monitor 5ms 8000:1 DCR 1440×900 WXGA+ DVI Black $139.99 (US)

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September 30, 2005

Intel Sneaks out Cheap Pentiums

John G. Spooner at PC Magazine:

Intel is quietly offering a handful of low-end Pentium 4 processors to large PC makers.

Normally trumpeted as Intel Corp.’s flagship chip brand, chips such the new Pentium 4 516, which do not appear on the chip maker’s public price list, are actually closer to its Celeron D value brand chips.

Chips such as the 516, which have been showing up in some brand-name desktop PCs this fall, appear to be designed to help manufacturers market relatively inexpensive PC models with Pentium 4s inside them.

The Pentium 4 516 found in the newly introduced eMachines T5010 runs at 2.93GHz, is 64-bit capable and includes 1MB of cache and a 533MHz bus to shuttle data. The chip lacks hyperthreading along with the 800MHz bus found in chips such as the Pentium 4 520, which are listed on Intel’s public price list.

Gateway, whose eMachines-brand desktop line uses mainly AMD chips, chose the Pentium 4 516 for a specific reason.

“As always, it’s a matter of trading of balancing the best features for the price. We selected this [Pentium 4 516] product because we wanted to give customers a well-rounded Intel P4 configuration for under $500,” a Gateway spokesperson said in an e-mail.

Yeah, but if the “Intel P4 configuration” is really more like a typical Celeron configuration, there are several impolite terms for what they are doing. It’s hard to figure exactly what kind of price break Intel is actually giving the manufacturers, but TigerDirect is selling some of these chips priced individually. The model 506 (like the 516 but 2.66 GHz) is selling for less than some Celeron D models.

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