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June 11, 2007

Big beautiful Acer AL2216WBD 22 inch LCD Monitor

Acer AL2216WBD LCD computer monitor

I got an email the other day with a bargain offer for the Acer AL2216WBD 22 inch LCD Monitor. By the time I got around to checking it out it had expired, but this monitor is currently offered at a variety of places for what seem to be really low prices (e.g. Amazon: $239.99 or less, NewEgg: $249.99) so I thought I would see what you can get for so little. The AL2216WBD specs are at first glance pretty startling: (more…)

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October 5, 2005

ATI launches X1000 family of GPUs

ATI today finally launched their X1000 family:

ATI Technologies Inc. today launched a new family of graphics processors (GPUs), the Radeon® X1000 family, that outperform competing products and deliver better image quality in every price category. The top-to-bottom family, built using the cutting-edge 90 nanometer semiconductor fabrication technology, delivers better performance and image quality than ever.

The new family has a GPU that is right for everyone. Competitive gamers and enthusiasts looking for the absolute best will want the Radeon® X1800 — the fastest graphics processor on the planet. For those getting started in gaming or who are more interested in editing photos and videos, the Radeon® X1600 delivers the best image quality available, for high-fidelity editing and playback. For those who want all of the features and capabilities of the Radeon X1800 and Radeon X1600 but who are on a budget, the Radeon® X1300 will meet their needs for as low as US $79.

There’s also a separate X1800 press release and all sorts of reviews. I liked the one at ExtremeTech.

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October 3, 2005

Review: PowerColor X800 GT EVO Liquid Cooled

(Via Neowin) Rafal Zak has a world exclusive review at

Today we are looking at something special from PowerColor. Something overclockers will drool at. What if I told you we have a card equipped with its own liquid cooling system? That’s right, it’s the first card ever to be coupled with Thermaltake’s TideWater system. No other AIB used this type of solution before. The card I’m referring to is PowerColor X800 GT EVO based on R480. Let me tell you, it rocks like crazy in our system!

PowerColor is a brand of the Tul Corporation of Taiwan. All the details by following the link, but it doesn’t seem that the package provides much of a speed boost.

I haven’t dabbled with overclocking in years, so I haven’t really felt the need to jump on the liquid cooling bandwagon. It seems like just one more mechanical gadget that can go wrong although the Tidewater unit promises 10,000 hours (approx 1.14 years) before refilling and 40,000 hours before you need a new pump. Maybe it’s because I don’t like the thought of that antifreeze sloshing around inside my PC.

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