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December 8, 2005

Review: Windows Live Local beta launched

Yesterday’s rumor of an imminent live beta of Windows Live Local was slightly premature. The beta officially starts today at 9:01 AM Pacific Time (press release, FAQ, screenshots) although it is available right now at and there have been a number of reports from Microsoft bloggers overnight who had been kicking the tires – see Adi Oltean, Mujtaba Syed, “Vik“, and “mayurk“.

My own tire kicking has been cursory, but the beta seems to me to have achieved full parity with Google Maps in terms of “Web 2.0″ interface and functionality with pushpins, driving directions, and business listings. In fact, doing a side by side comparison of the two stoplight town where I live, Windows Live Local turned up more business listings than Google Maps.

Of course, if you live in selected urban areas, you can also see the slick “bird’s eye” imagery based on photographs from low flying planes from Pictometry International Corp. The MapPoint B2B blog has a more complete list of available cities than what is in the online help as well as a brief tutorial on using the bird’s eye interface. This imagery covers about 25% of the US population and they plan to expand it:

Microsoft plans to expand the bird’s-eye view coverage with its exclusive partnership with Pictometry to cover as much as 90 percent of the U.S. population, which means the big cities but not all the “corn farms in Nebraska,” said Stephen Lawler, general manager for MapPoint and MSN Virtual Earth. The bird’s-eye images are also likely to be refreshed every year, with areas such as the tree-filled northeast updated during the winter when the leaves are not obscuring the view, he added.

All in all, it’s very slick, not to mention free.

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