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January 5, 2007

How about a thin rear projection TV?

Eric A. Taub reports that Samsung is going for thin on a new line of rear projection TVs:

Samsung, the world’s largest seller of televisions, will introduce at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show a new line of rear-projection D.L.P. televisions that will not be much thicker than flat-panel TVs but will cost about 30 percent less.

The new sets, aimed at those who want a bigger set but cannot afford a plasma TV, will come in 50- to 60-inch sizes. At 10 inches deep, they can be hung on a wall.

10 inches is not exactly thin, but I’ll be interested to see the full specs.

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July 4, 2006

HP Pavilion MD5880n rear projection TV

With all the models of LCD and plasma televisions to choose from, one tends to forget that there are still very good deals to be had on rear projection TVs as demonstrated in Robert Heron’s review of the HP Pavilion MD5880n at PC Magazine:

Rear-projection TVs (RPTVs) offer big screen enjoyment for a fraction of the price of the largest flat-panel displays, and the 58-inch HP Pavilion md5880n ($3,499.99 list) is one of the most impressive RPTVs I’ve seen to date. Its robust A/V input selection is uniquely located for easy access, and a slick menu system provides useful customization and visualization features for those connected devices. With its stylishly modern design and a detailed picture that is capable of producing accurate and well-saturated colors, the md5880n earns my pick as an Editors’ Choice.

Hit the link for all these details on this 1080p native system as well as the few things he did find not to like, but my concern has always been the weight of projection TVs. That has certainly improved over the years, but the md5880n weighs 118 pounds and although it has built-in handholds, you will still need a friend to help you move the beast.

UltimateAV’s Thomas J. Norton provides a very detailed review as well and recommends that you get the HP custom stand which weighs as much as the MD5880 itself. His overall net:

But in the here and now I am immensely impressed with this model from HP. This is a great debut for a company previously known mainly for its computer products; HP hit the target from almost every direction. I could live happily with this set – if not ever after, at least until the next big jump in video display devices, whatever and whenever that may be.

Finally, Philip Ryan reviewed the HP MD6580n 65-inch big brother to the MD5880n at CNET and found a lot to like too and it’s still a “svelte” 138 pounds.

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