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November 27, 2007

DRM free downloads for classical music lovers

Downloads free of annoying Digital Rights Management (DRM) shackles seem to be popping up all over and now classical music buffs can join the party:

Classical music lovers like myself are finally getting some respect in the digital world. One of the oldest companies in the music business, Deutsche Grammaphon, now a division of Universal Music Group, announced it was making a catalog of 2,400 classical albums, including 600 that are out of print, available for high-quality, DRM-free download from the DG Web Shop starting Nov. 28.

The link isn’t live yet, but the format will be a near-CD 320 kilobits per second MP3 and the price is very reasonable:

Individual titles with a playing time of up to seven minutes will be priced as low as USD/EUR1.29; while regular-length albums — with/without “e-booklets” (ie, cover-art, photographs, and liner notes) — will sell for between USD/EUR 10.99 and USD/EUR11.99.

Also interesting is that Deutsche Grammaphon is a subsidiary of the Universal Music Group whose chairman, Doug Morris, has been most vehement about DRM, but have also been experimenting with DRM free downloads of its Classical and Jazz portfolio.

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