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November 7, 2009

eBay Payment Reminders: eBay screws up again

Do you remember when eBay was the Great White Shark of online auction sites? Now they seem to be more like Bozo. The latest evidence is the great eBay Payment Reminder debacle which started on Friday. Instead of sending out a "You’ve Won…" notice to winning auction bidders and purchasers from eBay stores, they are waiting 48 hours and then sending out collection agency style emails that are fetchingly titled "Please pay for your…".

ebay payment reminder

The problem with this is that many eBay sellers encourage buyers to shop around for multiple days amongst their other auctions and eBay store items to buy more and save on combined shipping. Sellers woke up Saturday to find irate emails from customers they had encouraged to keep shopping, but who had exceeded eBay’s arbitrary 48 hour limit and were hit with the "Please pay…" emails for their purchases over the past few days.

Even better, the eBay sellers cannot opt out of these dunning letters nor modify the text to fit their own selling policies, so they are now noodling away on ways to let their buyers know that it was eBay who screwed up and not them. Smooth move eBay! I’m sure your buyers and sellers both appreciate your kickoff to the holiday shopping season.

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