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November 17, 2005

First Xbox 360 game reviews

Slashdot reports that the first reviews of Xbox 360 games are beginning to appear.

- Kameo
- Project Gotham Racing 3
- FIFA Soccer 2006
- NBA 2K6
- Amped 3

- Madden NFL 06
- Kameo
- NBA 2K6

The net seems to be that the graphics are great, but the games are so-so with the exception of Project Gotham Racing 3 which got a rave review. Best line is from the IGN review of Kameo:

One element that took me by surprise was that gamers hardly ever play as the main character. Her wings make her useful for jumping off ledges or traversing flat terrain, but other than that she’s not much of a warrior. It’s more fun to roll though the environments as a pile of living rocks than a skinny tart.


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