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August 4, 2006

Google toolbar phishing filter has problems

Ed Bott has been doing some testing of the phishing filter in the betas of Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 and has some bad news for Firefox fans. While the IE7 filter seems to work very well, the Firefox filter needs a lot of work. And that’s a problem for today’s users of the phishing filter on the Google toolbar:

Frankly, this is baffling to me. Both Microsoft and Mozilla have been testing this feature for a year. In Mozilla’s case, the testing has been done by Google, which developed the technology as part of its Google Toolbar for Firefox. As a control, I installed Google’s Firefox toolbar on the latest official release of Firefox, It failed to detect two obvious phishing sites as well.

He also has a detailed review of the security features of IE7 and Firefox 2 over at ZDNet.

Update: Ed Bott has more here.

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