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February 12, 2006

Hands-on review of Sony PlayStation 3

The folks at Kikizo Games were able to kick the tires on the just released “final development PS3 hardware” courtesy of some anonymous game developers and have a lengthy review. Some excerpts:

“I think to fit everything that Sony wants in there AND leave space for a 2.5 inch hard drive,” explains one senior developer working on a final kit, who will be our guide for much of this report, “the machine would have to grow. The models they’re showing off are way too small for what they want.”

So we have a USB controller plugged into a machine and we’re playing a game off a hard disc with not a trace of BluRay technology evident in the building. “PS3 isn’t going to have writing capabilities and for us that’s of no concern right now…”

Perhaps the biggest bombshell we’ve learned in the world of PS3 development right now is that many (if not most) games are simply running in 720p – not the ambitious, bleeding edge 1080p “Full HD” standard that Sony had us so excited about.

The hands-on evidence is beginning to mount up. We’re talking about a machine barely superior to Xbox 360 – not by any significant margin. It’s certainly obvious this machine is not “twice” as powerful as 360, let alone a generational leap ahead. But the gap could become bigger: “Realistically, as libraries and experience with both machines grow, I think the PS3 will start showing things the 360 will choke at,” offers the source. “But Sony will have to make available to us libraries and new routines for that to happen – something they’ve been severely lacking at so far.”

Much more by following the link.

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