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April 5, 2006

Hitachi promises high density desktop hard drives

Hitachi plans to roll out a new line of of high density 3.5 inch disk drives in 3Q2006 according to Tony Smith at The Register:

The Deskstar T7K500 and 7K160 will both contain platters spinning at 7,200rpm and connect to the outside world via at least 8MB – 16MB on some models – of cache memory and across a 3Gbps Serial ATA bus with native command queuing (NCQ). They offer an 8.5ms average seek time and a 4.17ms average latency.

The T7K500 will be offered in 250, 320, 400 and 500GB capacities. The first two have two platters, the rest, three, with four and six recording heads, respectively, and non-operating shock ratings of 350G and 300G.

The 7K160 will ship with 80GB and 160GB of storage capacity, both based on a single platter, and one and two recording heads, respectively. They too can withstand 350G of non-operating shock.

There will also be parallel ATA versions and all will have a three year warranty. If the Deskstar name sounds familiar, it is the old IBM brand continued from the days before Hitachi acquired IBM’s disk operation. There also will be a Cinemastar brand for the same devices which apparently just indicates their intended use in consumer electronics, presumably for video recording.

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