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January 31, 2007

I think I’ll pass on video email

Oliver Ryan at Fortune magazine’s The Browser lets us in on “the next big thing”:

The Browser landed yesterday in artificial Palm Desert, CA for DEMO 2007, one of the few must-visit annual tech conferences. Over the next two days, 68 companies will each be given six minutes to unleash their revolutionary new technology upon the world – or at least upon industry heavies like the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg. The parade began early this morning Pacific time, and thusfar we have two words for you: video email.

That’s right, of the first 15 companies, Eyejot, a company which hopes to merge “the best of email with video chat” was the most sexy. Briefly, Eyejot is a web-based video email system. If you have a webcam, you an send a video email to anyone. True, you might be able to do this now by embedding video files in, say, your Outlook email, but it would require some serious cutting and pasting. On first glance, the free Eyejot web-driven app makes the whole process as simple as creating a text email.

Bottom line: When you see it, you can easily imagine the entire world of email moving from text to video.

Luckily, Eyejot’s system isn’t integrated with any existing email tools so you aren’t likely to have your mailbox filled any time soon with large chunks of video, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. Then comes video spam. I suppose I am standing in the way of progress, but I can’t imagine why I would want to either send or receive video email. Unfortunately, I can think of reasons why other people would like to send it.

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One Response to “I think I’ll pass on video email”

  1. David Geller Says:

    Eyejot is not going to spam you or allow anyone to spam your eyejot inbox. When we talk about taking the best of email, it’s the fact that you can create your message without worrying when your intended recipients will read (and see) it. Combine it with video, which will let you sometimes express something better, faster, perhaps more elegantly, than the written word and you have Eyejot. It’s not intended as a replacement to email, or to video chat – both important and useful technologies. We hope because our tool is client-less and easy to use, it will be there when you feel the need to express yourself more visually. If there’s any “social” aspect to Eyejot it’s all about your private social network – like the one you have with email, nothing more grand or scary. The store and deliver model means you benefit from a rich communications experience without having to coordinate having both sides be online at the same time. It might not be for everyone, but we think it will find an audience. If you have a sibling, parent, friend or business contact far away that you want to send a brief video message to – Eyejot can help. If not, there’s always email and IM.

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