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July 29, 2010

iPad Game of the Day: Dark Nova and Dark Nova HD

Dark Nova

I have always enjoyed turn based strategy games in general and space trading games in particular, so I was glad to find Dark Nova on the iPad. Those familiar with the space trading genre will feel right at home: you start as a struggling space captain with a small ship trying to make a buck carrying cargo from one planet to another despite the depredations of pirates, the scrutiny of the police, shifty fellow traders, and the occasional alien pest. It’s mostly all about profitable buying, selling, and passenger traffic with the occasional flyer into smuggling or piracy if you are feeling adventurous. You are free to proceed at your own pace since it is turn based and not multiplayer, and there is enough of a challenge (and multiple levels) to keep you amused for a considerable period. While I did not try it, I see there is also a Dark Nova HD specifically for the iPad which presumably has larger graphics for the larger screen, although I was quite happy with the regular version in 2x on my iPad.

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