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August 6, 2007

Lenovo to offer Linux Laptops

Lenovo which bought IBM’s personal computer business, announced today that they would be offering Novell’s SUSE Linux distribution on selected models including the T Series (directed at business users) of the famous ThinkPad laptop product line starting in 4Q2007. Does this finally herald the arrival of the Linux PC for everyday users?

Hope springs eternal among Linux fans, but I don’t think so - not because of any fault with Linux, but because it is too much of a stretch for most business users and certainly for home users. There’s a great deal of group think or faddishness about most mass purchases for either consumers or businesses, and until Linux users can show their pals all the cool stuff they are doing on on Linux that the others can’t do on Windows, it just isn’t going to happen. An equally effective argument would be how much money is saved on a Linux PC, but so far those savings haven’t materialized for reasons known only to the PC vendors.

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