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January 15, 2006

More reviews of Palm Treo 700w

The reviews continue to come in for the Palm Treo 700w, Palm’s first venture into the Windows Mobile arena:

mobilepipeline: Review: Palm’s Powerful, Easy Treo 700w

Business Week: Treo 650 or Treo 700w?

MoDaCo: Treo 700w: Could it sway you from your Smartphone?

treocentral: Treo 700w

USA Today: Palm Treo 700w, with Windows Mobile, is likable

Technically Speaking: Two Days With the Treo 700w

jkOnTheRun: Treo 700w video review

Frankly, while they are generally positive, some folks still prefer the Palm OS and/or the Treo 650 that ran it. There are also some related stories as well:

Windows Mobile News points to Verizon Prevents Treo Use As 3G Modem via crippling Bluetooth.

jkOnTheRun has Several tips for the Palm Treo 700w phone.

Also see Windows Mobile News who is all over the Windows Mobile arena.

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