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November 8, 2005

Nokia 770 Internet tablet available in Europe

Tom Krazit has the story at InfoWorld:

The Linux-based tablet announced by Nokia Corp. a few months ago can now be ordered from various Nokia Web sites in Europe for about €350 (US$413.35), Nokia announced Monday.

Nokia first announced the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet in May. The device comes with an integrated Wi-Fi chip for browsing the Internet and runs an operating system called Internet Tablet 2005, which is based on Linux and incorporates several open-source applications.

The 770 is a bit of a departure for Nokia, the world’s largest mobile phone vendor. It is much smaller than Tablet PCs that use Microsoft Corp.’s Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system, but like those devices it is designed to be used with a stylus and comes with handwriting recognition software.

More details at the Nokia specs page (flash demo here) and a press release indicates it will start shipping the USA in about a week.

As far as reviews go, jkOnTheRun, MobileBurn,, and Howard Chui all have given it a test drive. Bear in mind that the reviews are for pre-preproduction models, so various glitches (mostly software) may well have been ironed out in the shipping models.

That being said, it’s generally well received aside from the nagging question of exactly what the intended purpose is. It’s not a cell phone and doesn’t really have a full set of PIM/PDA software but the competent Linux software application suite makes it a nice portable web surfer if you can find a Wi-Fi connection, which means a commercial hotspot or to my mind, around the house. (In fairness, a Bluetooth cell phone connection works as well.) There’s no keyboard so you’ll have to use the handwriting recognition or onscreen “keyboard,” but none of the viewers felt it was a note taking device. If I were to sum it up, it’s seems to me that it is an “Internet player” which at about $400 may well find some takers. It’s also a first step for Open Source in the tablet arena. The Open Source 770 community site is

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