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October 5, 2007

Old Blu-ray players broken by new titles

This is the kind of thing that early adopters who forked over big bucks to get in early just love to hear – New Blu-ray Features Freeze Older Players; Updates Coming:

With the next wave of interactive features having been added to 20th Century-Fox’s latest Blu-Ray Disc releases, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and The Day After Tomorrow, there was always a certain level of anticipation that some existing Blu-ray consoles would have trouble, especially the first-generation editions. Surprisingly, it’s the second generation which is seeing some early problems, with reports from owners of Samsung’s BD-P1200 that they can’t play either of these titles.

Actually the 1st generation Samsung players aren’t doing much better:

Reports from other AVS Forum users show many BD-P1200s don’t play the F4 sequel at all, while earlier first-generation BD-P1000 models valiantly make the attempt – taking forever to load and sputtering generally through the first half-hour of playback, before freezing. Owners of LG’s original dual-format BH-100 console also report no playback, but its interactivity support was always known to be lacking anyway, especially for HD DVD.

Sony PS3 owners have similar problems, but the latest firmware update supposedly corrects them. Supposedly Samsung is working on a fix of some sort, but while this kind of thing is swell for computer types, most home electronics consumers don’t want to deal with it. Yet another reason not to be a pioneer on the latest technologies.

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