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October 17, 2005

Portable audio is big biz

I guess we all knew that, Michael Singer at CNET has some projections that spell it out:

Demand for portable MP3 players is booming and expected to hit record levels in the next four years, according to an IDC report published on Thursday.

Led by devices such as the Apple iPod, the analyst firm predicts, shipments of MP3 flash memory music players will surge to nearly 124 million units in 2009. That is a 370-percent increase from the 26.4 million units shipped worldwide in 2004.

The report also explored the revenue potential of three other portable devices that play back compressed audio: DVD players, mobile phones such as the Motorola Rokr and gaming devices such as Sony’s PSP. This category of “other” portable play-back devices is expected to exceed 700 million units shipped with an estimated $114 billion in revenue in 2009, IDC said.

Combined with the MP3 player category, all compressed audio players are expected to reach 945.5 million units shipped and $145.4 billion in revenue worldwide by 2009.

As you can see, the numbers are heavily in favor of the multipurpose gadgets although it’s hard to judge the revenue numbers since they undoubtedly include the whole price of the multipurpose products, not an apportioned value of the audio component. Hit the link for more details including the related technology issues (e.g. flash memory).

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