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June 4, 2007

Price war over high definition DVD players

Ed Oswald at BetaNews has the latest from the front lines:

Sony on Monday said it is lowering the cost of its upcoming Blu-ray player to $499 USD. Although it claims the $100 price drop is due to falling production costs and growing demand, Sony’s move is likely more in response to rising sales of HD DVD players.

Data indicates that player sales for HD DVD have increased by five to ten times depending on the retailer following its price drop to $299 USD. Sony had originally planned for the BDP-S300 player to retail for $599 USD.

At $499, it’s the same price as a Sony PS3 game console, part of whose attraction has always been that it was a cheap Blu-ray player. As for features:

Sony’s entry-level player will support 1080p, and has essentially the same feature set as the company’s high-end BDP-S1 in a smaller form factor. Sony also announced a price drop on that player to $799 USD.

So why would anyone buy a BDP-S1? Price war is hell, I guess.

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