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October 7, 2005

Review: Lenovo Z60T Thinkpad

Michael Gartenberg says it’s a delight for road warriors. Aside from the usual goodies,

While there’s a lot to love in this unit, including a/b/g WiFi (so I can stream content off my MediaCenter PC), Bluetooth, three US ports, a 1394 port and an SD reader, what really sets this machine apart is integrated EV-DO. No more looking for a Starbucks, just click and connect. Unlike other WAN integration efforts from Sony using EDGE and Cingular, which is nice, EDGE capability just doesn’t compare in terms of performance to EV-DO.

If you aren’t familiar with EV-DO, Wikipedia has the details. The key is:

Compared to 1xRTT networks currently being used by operators, or the GPRS and EDGE networks employed by their GSM competitors, 1xEV-DO is significantly faster, providing access terminals with download speeds of up to 2.4 Mbit/s. Only terminals with 1xEV-DO chipsets can take advantage of the higher speeds.

And of course “the dual announcement of Verizon and Sprint’s deployment of 1xEV-DO in 2004, and similar announcements by smaller operators in 2005″ doesn’t hurt the technology story.

Back to the Thinkpad, it’s nice to see that Lenovo’s takeover of the old IBM PC Company hasn’t caused a cheapening of features, but there are some differences:

Even more shocking, my unit isn’t standard ThinkPad black but actually a shiny Titanium (in fact, the lid is actually made of Titanium).

All in all, a thumbs up review.

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  1. Cool Tech Reviews » Blog Archive » New review of Lenovo Z60t Thinkpad Says:

    [...] I’ve previously mentioned a good review of the Lenovo Z60t Thinkpad and now Tim Supples at Laptop Logic provides a more detailed one and it’s positive as well: With the launch of the Lenovo Thinkpad Z-Series, a lot of fears have been revealed as well. Many die hard Thinkpad-fanatics, current Thinkpad customers, and potential Thinkpad owners have all expressed concern about how Lenovo would handle the first launch of a new Thinkpad. And we are here to say, put your concerns away. This Thinkpad is definitely different, but still maintains a lot of the core principles that make up the traditional Thinkpad. There will be naysayers that think this is a completely Lenovo-designed notebook and thus inferior, but they are wrong on both counts. The Z-series has been in the works at IBM for a while before Lenovo entered the picture. While it is unclear what changes the Lenovo buyout may have had on the Z-series, none of them were a step in the wrong direction. [...]

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