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August 28, 2007

Sansa Clip takes on iPod Shuffle

Sansa Clip

I guess there are a few tricks left for manufacturers pursuing the micro sized MP3 player market as evidenced by the Sansa Clip pictured above. Yes, it is matchbox sized, but it also sports a a four-line color OLED screen and an iPod-like wheel for simplified navigation. The Sansa Clip will be available in September, in black, red, blue and pink and as for the other specs:

As expected the package includes a USB 2.0 transfer cable and earphones. So what does it all cost? The US list price will be $40 for the 1 GB model and $60 for the 2GB model.

The net is that the Sansa Clip seems to be a capable micro MP3 player at an attractive price. Apple’s iPod Shuffle would likely be in trouble except for the iPod cachet, but the broader conclusion is that MP3 players at the low end are very close to becoming a commodity product. I predict that in a couple of years you will find a multiplicity of no-name brands at every convenience store.

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