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June 15, 2006

Second time’s the charm for iriver Clix

First there was the iriver PMC-120 portable media center which attracted yawns, now there is the iriver Clix with Windows Media Player (WMP) 11 and the Microsoft-MTV URGE music service and it’s attracting plaudits:

CNET (Editor’s choice):

The iRiver Clix is a superbly designed MP3 player that’s easy to use and packed with pretty much every feature in the book. If you’re looking for a stylish Janus-compatible device and you don’t need a boatload of storage, this is your player.

PC Magazine (who did find the click screen a trifle odd):

The Clix is a nice player that offers very good audio and photo quality, long battery life, and a host of extras.

Anything But iPod explains:

Here is a video of the interface. It is rough and uncut, but it is to give you an idea of how smooth the interface operates.

Almost all of the navigation is handled by tactile buttons located behind each of the screen’s sides. This navigation works well with two hands while the screen is orientated in the horizontal position but also works great with one hand in the vertical position. Dedicated volume buttons are located at the top, with a hold switch on the bottom, as well as power and menu buttons on the right side. The menu button lets you exit from the games and can be programmed for different functions while browsing your media.

Their conclusion:

If you are shopping for a high capacity flash player you must consider the iRiver Clix for its comfortable eye pleasing user interface and typical but well done feature set.

But they do note that you are pretty well locked in to using Windows Media Player.

Finally, Microsoft’s Sean Alexander, who worked with iriver during development, also has a great video showing the out-of-box experience.

Looks like the iriver Clix is definitely worth a look.

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One Response to “Second time’s the charm for iriver Clix”

  1. What can Microsoft bring to the table to beat the iPod? -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] But for all the partnership talk, it turns out Microsoft may have plans to take on Apple with an approach that doesn’t rely on either iRiver or Urge. Or more succinctly, the printing on the iRiver Clix packages was barely dry when Microsoft’s “alternative arrangement” leaked and that illustrates one of the problems: Microsoft has brought a lot of baggage with it. Sources instead expect that Microsoft’s device will be able to play songs purchased from other services built around Microsoft’s Windows Media technology, such as Urge and (NAPS). And songs purchased from Microsoft’s new, improved online music service will also likely play on devices made by longtime hardware partners such as Samsung, Creative Technologies (CREAF), and iRiver. [...]

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