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September 8, 2006

SpiralFrog adds EMI Music to ad-supported free download catalog

Last week when we mentioned the upcoming “free” music service, SpiralFrog, they had just inked a deal with Vivendi Universal to offer downloads of the music from their list. Now SpiralFrog has added EMI to their catalog:

SpiralFrog has reached an agreement with EMI Music Publishing, one of the largest music publishers in the world, to use its songs and lyrics for a music download service scheduled to roll out in a beta version by November.

SpiralFrog, which announced its first deal with Universal Music Group last week, plans to offer free song downloads, with the service funded through advertising.

“This is just the start of signing major labels and music publishers to offer their catalogs to the users of SpiralFrog,” said Neville Hobson, SpiralFrog spokesman.

It’s planned that songs will be playable on a user’s computer and transferable to two portable devices.

But the songs can’t be burned to a CD, and they can’t be shared with other people, he said. The songs will remain playable only as long as a person regularly logs into their SpiralFrog account.

SpiralFrog’s deal with EMI will also allow users to search and display the lyrics from EMI’s catalog, the companies said.

EMI holds more than one million copyrights, it said, and publishes artists including James Blunt, Eminem, Jay-Z and the Arctic Monkeys.

As I mentioned last week, I’m suspending judgement until I see how onerous the ads are. I guess I’m finding it hard to believe that the record labels are leaving any money on the table. Whatever the SpiralFrog plan, though, it seems to be music to the record labels’ ears.

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