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September 29, 2005

Tiny Keyboards Biggest Obstacle for Handheld Users

Matt Hines at eWeek:

Even as device makers rush to introduce their latest handheld devices at the ongoing CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment 2005 conference here this week, new research indicates that a significant obstacle to the growth of mobile services may be sitting in the palm of their hands.

According to a study released Tuesday by the University of Connecticut’s Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, most consumers would be willing to utilize more data-oriented mobile services if the keyboards on their handheld devices weren’t so impossibly cramped. The study found that adoption of wireless activities such as text messaging, picture messaging, Web surfing, phone personalization and gaming remain bogged down by frustration with digit-challenging handheld interfaces.

Reading further, the big complaint is trying to type text on 12 button numeric keypads. Heck I’m not even very enthused on about “thumb typing” on devices which have “full” keyboards.

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