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November 9, 2006

Black Friday bargains revealed

The other day I mentioned pre-Black Friday sales, but I see that the actual Black Friday bargains are already being revealed:

Shoppers can get a head start on sales the day after Thanksgiving thanks to some Web sites that get the info, sometimes surreptitiously, and leak it to the public.

Shopping on Black Friday is a yearly ritual for bargain-conscious consumers looking for hot items and good deals. The day earned its name because it’s the big money day for retailers, a day when they typically go from losing money for the year to making a profit.

In the past, items planned to be on sale were not known to shoppers until the day before the sale. That’s all changed in the last couple of years, thanks to some insiders who post info to an ever-growing group of Web sites that cater to bargain-hunters.

The article links to the ad scans at Black Friday, but your favorite search engine will find you more such sites and many bargain shopping sites will mention Black Friday deals as they become official as well the “Cyber Monday” online shopping deals for the following Monday.

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