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March 13, 2006

Tyan introduces desktop supercomputer

Charlie Demerjian at The Inquirer:

Every so often there comes a genre-bending product, and Tyan has one of those on its stand at CeBIT this year. It is called the Typhoon PSC or Person Super Computer, and is aimed at the scientific and HPC set. Typhoon PSCs come either Opteron or P4/PD flavours, and brushed aluminium or black finish.

The point of this box is not to make an ultimate gaming rig, it is meant to take what used to be the domain of a data centre and move it to under the desktop.

There are two PSCs, the Opteron one is the B2881YDS4T and the P4/D model is the B5160YDS4T. Both are basically four dual socket blades in a box with all the necessary cables and attachments in a nice aluminium case. It also has little wheels and two carry handles which I have personally tested to get the rear shot here.

The specs vary between the models a bit, but there are eight sockets and up to 16 cores on either one, depending on how you want to set up the system. The Opteron can handle 64GB of memory, 32 for the Pentium. There is one S-ATA drive per blade, and they are coupled through GigE on the back. Each blade has an independent 350W PSU for a total of 1400W, which fits nicely in the 1500W most circuits can provide.

Yikes, that’s still a pretty heavy load! If you click through to the article, you’ll see the photo mentioned and it looks like a box of fans, although Demerjian says it is very quiet. There are more details in the Tyan press release and the B2881YDS4T and B5160YDS4T product pages but the most startling thing is that the whole package is 14″ x 12.6″ x 26.7″.

No prices are mentioned, but if I really had a project in hand that required heavy computing I’d certainly give this a look.

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