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November 18, 2005

“Xbox 360: Good, but not great”

Chris Morris at CNN:

For gaming’s most enthusiastic fans, the question of whether to get an Xbox 360 was answered long ago. It would be the first entry in the next generation and a status symbol amongst their friends. But is there a reason for the rest of the world – gaming or otherwise – to rush stores?

The short answer: Not on Day One.

And why’s that?

But when it comes to must-have games, the Xbox 360 falls short. While there are several good – and even very good – titles that will be available at launch, there’s nothing truly great.

Admittedly, tastes vary – so you could easily find a game out this month that’s a “must have” for you. (We’ll have a closer look at the launch games early next week.) But if you’re looking for something that’s ground breaking and sets the trend for the system (as “Halo” did with the original Xbox), you’re not going to find it.

Don’t misunderstand these criticisms. The Xbox 360 is a truly impressive machine and shows an enormous amount of potential for the years to come. There are titles in development that seem to have the potential to be true blockbusters – and the clever use of a proprietary online marketplace opens up the possibility of innovation. It’s just not happening yet.

More by following the link.

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