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August 23, 2006

Xbox 360 version of Madden NFL 07 gets a passing grade

Microsoft and Electronics Arts launched Madden NFL 07 for the Xbox 360 with a lot of hoopla yesterday and Matt Slagle of the Associated Press delivers a review:

Football video game junkies have been anxiously waiting for this week’s release of “Madden NFL 07″ by Electronic Arts Inc. The annual release of this video game franchise has become an event in itself.

But is this year’s supposed latest and greatest any good? After all, spending $59.99 on a new E-rated Xbox 360 version of the game is asking a lot — especially if you were burned by last year’s crummy version, which lacked many of the key features found in the older consoles.

A lot of annoyances remain, and there’s plenty of room for more polish and refinement. But at least the only “next-gen” console on the market finally has a decent football game.

Hit the link for the details, but there are some evident graphics problems that are overshone by the controls:

These issues aside, anyone who’s played sports video games can tell you that the graphics don’t matter if the controls stink.

Fortunately, this is where “Madden 07″ shines.

The controls are probably going to be a bit overwhelming to newcomers, but they become incredibly precise with practice.

Much more by following the link. Not exactly an A+ grade, but at least a B.

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